Elab Smokers Boutique

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Elab Smokers Boutique is a head shop in Macedon, New-york.

Elab Smokers Boutique

Multiple Locations

237 NY-31
Macedon, NY 14502

237 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd
Macedon, NY 14502



There are 2 locations in Elab Smokers Boutique.

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Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 NY-31

I used to be your biggest fan. I sent everyone to you. Last night I bought a hood and nail for a 14 rig. Turns out I needed 18. Even though they were unused, I was told i could only exchange it same day. So now i will take my $50 monthly kratom purchases and $20 ancillary purchases somewhere else. Great job turning an advocate into a detractor. Great business strategy.

Review by Robert Killian

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 NY-31

Cigars and other smoker supplies. A little higher priced than the other store on Monroe Ave but a good selection. Found what I needed so all is good.

Review by Jeff Merrell

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 NY-31

Awesome customer service. Friendly people. These people will order anything you like.

Review by Jeffrey Crandall

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 NY-31

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who help you make an informed decision if you don't know what you are looking for. Positive atmosphere and many quality products for your smoking pleasures and many more.

Review by Moneletto Every

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 NY-31

I drive from Canandaigua for this place. Amazing selection and amazing staff, really the best smoke shop I have been to. They'll hook you up, and everything is qualty. The staff knows whatsup.

Review by Jason Wiltey

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd

Employees don't wear masks, endangering each other and customers. Too bad, this was my go-to store and they were friendly. The simple fact the employees don't give any regard to the safety of people around them during the pandemic, in a tiny storefront space, is enough for me to discontinue my patronage... PERMANENTLY. You guys are never getting my business again even when the pandemic is over. I'll be dropping by the Monroe Ave location to check if they practice masking and social distancing. Be warned.

Review by KYABUpaks Studios

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd

This place is incredible. They not only had coils that I had searched everywhere for online and couldn't find, but they also repaired one of my coils that wasn't working and didn't charge me for it. They also charged a battery for me that I was going to purchase, so that it was charged when I arrived to pick it up.

Review by Jy Kelley

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd

Fantastic shop. Very knowledgeable staff. Nice selection of American made glass.

Review by Joe

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd

Bought two replacement male pieces for my 2ft Zob. First I need to say that I purchased one almost two years ago and it lasted the whole two years plus or minus some time. This is why I came back for the two replacements this time. Second When I bought these two a month ago one broke two days into use and currently am using the second one which is holding up. Third the price tags said 12.00 and 20.00 dollars... add that up and it’s 32.00 dollars plus tax. I paid 56.00 dollars for the two replacements!? That’s false advertising! Lastly they are selling cheap Chinese made glass there. I’ll stick to ghost dog, definitely worth the extra 10min drive. At any given time my male piece is used about 6 times a day.

Review by Sam Lemoyne

Elab Smokers Boutique on 237 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd

These guys at Elab know their craft. Always helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable!

Review by Steve Clough

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